Vizcaya Capital manages wealth.  As investment advisers, we look at the full picture, managing all aspects of our investors’ investment activities in public and private capital markets.


Vizcaya Capital provides investors with a global portfolio view of their assets and accounts held with different custodians. As a one stop hub, investors can view their global portfolio allocation in real time. This transparency and efficiency are essential tools for ongoing portfolio monitoring and portfolio diversification.

Vizcaya Capital has a dedicated team with years of experience in wealth management, private banking, investment banking, and corporate finance. This breadth of knowledge allows us to define investment strategies tailored to our investors’ financial goals.

Vizcaya Capital offers both Discretionary and Non-Discretionary investment advisory services. Under a discretionary mandate, investors allow Vizcaya Capital to use its discretion in the day-to-day selection and management of investments. With a non-discretionary mandate, investors receive investment advice and counsel from Vizcaya, but the investors retain the full discretion to supervise, manage, and direct their assets.

Real estate investments